Russia to create nationwide UAVs flight monitoring system

The draft of UAVs air traffic management system — RUTM (Russian Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management) was approved.
OCTOBER, 8 / 2019 / 3 MINUTES
Фото вышки в Örnsköldsvik
According to RBC, a project of air traffic management for UAVs called «Russian Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management» — RUTM was approved at an interdepartmental working group meeting, led by presidential aide Andrei Belousov and vice prime minister Maxim Akimov, on October 1. According to experts, the system should prevent the existing risks of collisions in the sky and open a promising market for businesses in the amount of $ 35−40 billion.
The project results in the creation of an unified system for controlling the UAVs and manned aircraft traffic. The concept implementation provides the creation of the necessary technological infrastructure, which will allow: to allocate air corridors for UAVs in automatic mode; to remain well clear; to connect UAVs with each other without ATM controllers.
The drones integration in the airspace will be implemented in several stages. The first step is the development of technologies for collision avoidance, obtaining permission and UAV flights planning. This stage involves the test flights of UAVs without the manned aircraft participation and can last for 3−4 years. At the later stages of the project, joint UAV and manned aviation flights will be developed.
The world is already developing the similar systems. The European project of drones integration into the airspace — SESAR U-Space and the American program UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Project can be considered as the most mature of them. There are also similar initiatives in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India and Switzerland.
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