How CPDLC makes pilots and controllers life more simple

About a two-way controller-pilot data transmission system, which is used as a voice communication alternative.
AUGUST, 30 / 2019 / 3 MINUTES
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Voice communication using VHF radios remains an integral part of the flight. However, VHF imposes certain bandwidth limits. Digital data channels are increasingly being used for communications Within CNS / ATM. Technologies such as Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) are a good example of solutions that increase communication efficiency.
CPDLC is a two-way controller-pilot data transmission system via text messaging. With its help, The controllers can transmit information aboard the aircraft as an alternative to voice communications using CPDLC. While the pilots have the ability to respond to controllers.
Why we need CPDLC?
Due to the total volume of air traffic increase, the voice communication channels are overloaded, and CPDLC enables to:
— reduce this congestion;
— reduce the overall burden on pilots and controllers;
— handle more requests at the same time;
— reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding, errors.
As reported by the specialists of technology development department of the Moscow Center for Automated Air Traffic Control (MC AATC) branch in the article published on the Aviaport portal:
The additional ATS unit capacity, achieved through the CPDLC use, acquires special significance during periods of high flight intensity when there is a large number of aircraft under the air traffic controllers' control.
All CPDLC messages are divided into formalized and containing arbitrary text. The list of formalized messages consists of 235 items corresponding to speech phraseology used in air traffic control procedures.
In the two paragraphs above, there is thearticle "CPDLC - MEETING NEW OPPORTUNITIES" fragment. Article source: Air Traffic magazine. Authors: Marina Lobanova, head of the technology development department of the MC AATC branch of FSUE State ATM Corporation. Fedor Stepanov, Leading Specialist, Technology Development Division, Branch of MC AATC, FSUE State ATM Corporation.
Controllers have the ability to issue prescriptive commands, deviations, speed, etc. Pilots have the opportunity to answer them. Also, pilots can generate arbitrary messages that do not correspond to predefined types.

It is important to note:
— CPDLC is used as an additional communication mean to the voice communication.
— CPDLC should be used for the messages noncritical in time. The time for transmitting information and clarifying details in voice is less. It is important to consider that voice response can be given in a few seconds, and the CPDLC delay is usually longer. At the same time, due to the tone of voice, it is possible to broadcast additional important information in critical situations.
— The decision to use voice or CPDLC is at the discretion of the controller and / or pilot.
The voice communication can be used in response to CPDLC messages in cases of information updates, ensuring prompt execution of instructions, errors in CPDLC messages. Under standard conditions, CPDLC messages are answered with CPDLC messages, just like voice messages, the answer is given by voice.
To a certain extent, the above described are exceptional situations, while the significant layer of typical CPDLC messages successfully automates, positively affecting the overall effectiveness of pilot-controller communications.
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